Chris From Paramount

Chris Budd

Chris Budd started as a Welder with Austral Ships. After finishing his apprenticeship the company decided to let him go. From here Chris struggled to find work, with changes in the industry and cheaper wages introduced.

Chris then decided to branch out into an area where he had interest. Internet Marketing. Although there has been many success stories in the Internet Marketing arena, Chris found that it wasn’t as easy as those trying to sell the idea said it was.

He started working with a marketing team who provided training into the use of programs and the system of marketing online. Then as opportunity produced itself he was able to take control of a training business and also a marketing business at the same time.

This is where his success story begins.

Chris went on to build the training business into what it is today. A national training team with hundreds of courses and seminars across the country. The marketing business assisted him to re-brand and create the interactive website.

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